3 Reasons to Love the latest Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 Start Page

A new Windows 10 update was released in April.  It’s new features are focused on finding what you need faster, minimizing distractions and creating documents with your voice.  All are meant to free up more of your valuable time. 

Here are 3 reasons to love this latest update: 

  1. Timeline: Rather than spending hours digging through your plethora of timeless information spread across multiple devices, Timeline creates an easier solution. With Timeline, windows users can now go back in time to find documents worked on today, or as far back as a 30 days ago. The new update also allows users constantly on the go, to access Timeline across all devices with their Microsoft account. That is, you can start your document while at home and finish up on the subway during your commute. To view a brief video on Timeline, see here. 

  2. Focus Assist allows you to maneuver through the continuous pool of information and constant stream of distractions. With focus, you can limit all the distractions on your windows device. Turning on Focus Assist will stop all notifications, like social media alerts, email alerts etc., and give you a summary of any updates you missed while you were concentrating on an important task. You can also set Focus Assist to automatically turn on at certain times in the day when you need isolated focus, such as during certain work hours or when working on a report deadline. To view a brief video on Focus Assist, see here.
  3. Dictation: The new Windows 10 update now gives users the ability to use their voice to accomplish tasks across their devices. Using Dictation, windows users can now can have their thoughts captured quickly and translated to a task. You can write a report with just your voice, simply by first typing Win + H. The new update also allows you to manage your smart home from anywhere, using just your voice. To view a brief video on Dictation, see here

To get the April, 2018 Windows 10 update for your business computer(s) and take advantage of these great new features, talk to your IT Professional. 

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