25 Most Dangerous Passwords in 2019

Password sign

A list of the top 25 most commonly leaked, weakest passwords for 2019 was recently released.  The password “password” has at least dropped down from the top to the fourth spot.  Here is the list:

Rank   Password
1   123456
2   123456789
3   qwerty
4   password
5   1234567
6   12345678
7   12345
8   iloveyou
9   111111
10   123123
11   abc123
12   qwerty123
13   1q2w3e4r
14   admin
15   qwertyuiop
16   654321
17   555555
18   lovely
19   7777777
20   welcome
21   888888
22   princess
23   dragon
24   password1
25   123qwe

An estimated 3% of people have used the #1 worst password “123456” while an estimated 10% of people have used at least one of the 25 passwords on the above list.  It is true that modern computer programs will often dis-allow these simple passwords from being used, but they can still be used on older applications and certain websites.  While some of the above passwords appear to be complex, such as “qwertyuiop”, this simply uses the first 10 letters in the top letter row on your keyboard.  Hackers are well aware of these types of patterns. 

While businesses may be investing in various security measures to protect themselves, ignoring the problem of password management is leaving open one of the most significant threats.  81% of hacking-related data breaches have used stolen and /or weak passwords. 

With so many passwords to keep track of, employees resort to using weak passwords, re-used passwords and storing passwords in un-safe places.  Who can blame them when there is no solution in place to help them?  

Solution:  A Password Manager Designed for Business

We will shortly be introducing a Password Manager solution that we can manage for our clients.  This will allow them to:

  • Manage passwords with a private, encrypted storage vault assigned to each employee
  • Remember only one username and password to access each user’s vault
  • Generate random, high-strength passwords for all their websites and applications
  • Get alerts on weak and re-used passwords in their vault
  • Get alerts on passwords found on the Dark Web
  • Access their vault in the cloud from any device
  • Allow team member access to shared passwords through customized user permissions

Here’s an updated list of weak passwords for 2022. See what passwords have changed…and which haven’t.

Contact us if you would like to be advised when we introduce our Password Manager.