Mobile Device Security: 14 Best Practices

mible device security

Protecting your mobile devices from attack is just as critical as protecting your desktop PC’s.  Here are 14 tips on mobile device security:

Mobile Device Browsing Security

  • Ensure your mobile device is password protected.
  • When surfing the web, be careful of ads for products, services, and contests that seem too good to be true. These links can take you to web sites that seem legitimate but are actually malicious sites that will try to trick you into providing confidential information.
  • When browsing to a web site, examine the web address (URL) carefully to be sure it is spelled correctly and doesn’t seem otherwise suspicious. Cyber thieves will sometimes use a URL which is very close to the real one, hoping you won’t notice. If you can’t read the website link, wait and check it on a computer to verify it is correct before clicking on it.
  • When logging into a web site, you will often be prompted to save your login information. As convenient as this can be, never do it.  If someone knows or guesses your username, your memorized password will automatically fill in, giving them access to that site.

Mobile Device App Security

  • Never download apps from a mobile browser. Only download apps from your device’s official store to help ensure they are legitimate and safe.
  • Keep your apps updated so they have the latest security. Check the App store for updates regularly and apply them all. Set them to auto update if they support this.
  • Delete any apps that are no longer supported by your official store.
  • Be careful about granting administrator or other special privileges to apps. Be sure you have a high trust level with them first to ensure your mobile device security.

WiFi Security

  • When using WiFi, don’t connect to unfamiliar networks.  Otherwise you could unknowingly be connecting to a malicious network designed to steal your information.
  • Turn off WiFi when not using it or when you don’t need it.
  • Unless you know you are on a secure network, never send confidential information over WiFi.

General Mobile Device Security Tips

  • Turn off automatic Bluetooth pairing when you don’t need it.
  • Treat text messages with the same scrutiny you would with email messages. Don’t click on anything until you’re convinced it is legitimate.
  • Don’t respond to phone or email requests for personal financial information. Instead, call the financial institution supposedly requesting this information directly.  Use the phone number on the back of your credit card or from a bank or credit card statement.

It is unfortunate we must treat so many aspects of our digital lives with such suspicion, but this is the reality of today’s world filled with cyber criminals eager to get your data.

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